Welcome! Welcome indeed, to Fanshaw's Fantastical Emporium... of the Impossible! Our service is one of grand entertainment in many and various places and spaces of many and various sizes. Be your requirement within doors, or perhaps in the open air, we are at your service.

Archibald Grottlngton Esq. & Herbert Skittle, also Esq. The Empire's finest prestidigitators & masters of magical marvels - keep your children close and your purses closer, as these captains of conjuring demonstrate how a fool and his money can quickly become parted.
- A gentleman of repute

For yuletide fayres, festivals and festivities of all variety throughout the year, we bring you the inimitable Archibald Grottlington Esq., and Herbert Skittle, also Esq. These gentlemen of the arts have been plucked from the very heights of magnificence by the most venerable Mr Fanshaw himself, and are warranted to please our patrons with gloriously ponderous prestidigitatory predicaments.

Grottlington & Skittle pictured mere hours before their removal from the Colonial Club poker roomWhilst we prepare this modern fanglement to display more fully our wares, we bid you find below the means by which we may be in mutual contact, at your convenience of course.

Our staff are incessant in their wish to assist, and will be only too delighted to engage in discussion with you. Here then, the information you require:

By acoustic telegraph: 07973 731335
By electrographic mail:

And there, so to speak, we have it. We look forward to hearing from you shortly!
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