Fanshaw’s is a unique and flexible Victorian-esque entertainment, providing audiences with world-class close-up and parlour magic within a comical character presentation. For Dickensian Christmas Markets, year-round Victorian market type events, festivals and more.

Fanshaw’s Performers

Fanshaw’s performers are Archibald Grottlington and Herbert Skittle, otherwise known as international award-winning magic entertainers, Jasper Blakeley and Frank E Haschka.

Together Jasper and Frank have a wealth of performance experience working at the highest of corporate and private levels both in the UK and abroad. Their bespoke characters for their joint Fanshaw’s venture brings together some never before seen magical effects and characterizations. Guaranteed to offer as much laughter as they do amazement, Fanshaw’s is the ideal feature for any themed corporate or private event.

The Offering

Working as both a static and moving magical entertainment at Victorian Dickensian themed markets around Christmas and throughout the year, Fanshaw’s is ideally suited to fit into virtually any environment or situation.

Static Fanshaw’s

An approximately 8 feet (2.4m) wide and 7 feet (2.1m) high curtained period staging (pictured) provides the backdrop for Fanshaw’s rolling fifteen minute magic shows. Archie and Bert work together, each taking it in turn to stand behind their raised conjuring platform to involve the gathered audience in incredible feats of sleight of hand and swindling chicanery. As the dubious duo weave their Cockney bunkum, laughs come thick and fast as the audience quickly realise this is more than just a couple of proficient magicians dressing up, this is a proper little theatrical show.

Usual performance bookings allow 6 x 15 minute repeating shows within a two hour period. This is essentially the same 15 minute show repeated, but, where audience numbers are less, Fanshaw’s is able to offer two different themed 15 minute shows (alternating).

Walkabout Fanshaw’s

As well as, or instead of, static Fanshaw’s, Archie and Bert are more than happy to stroll about at a venue or event. Depending on the size of the event, Archie and Bert can work as individuals doing close-up magic at dinner tables, or - if the environment is suitable - they can work as a strolling double act; setting up ‘showettes’ wherever they draw a crowd. Traditionally called ‘Door Shows’, these impromptu little shows really do capture the essence of the Victorian strolling street entertainer.

Mix and Match

It might be that your event would suit a mix of walkabout and static entertainment, and this is where comical character entertainment can really come into its own. Whilst initially walking about or working at tables, Archie and Bert are able to advertise their upcoming static show in another part of the venue. This ‘pre-advertising’ can create a great sense of anticipation and can generate a wonderful focal point to an evening or event. Having worked virtually every type of event and audience imaginable, Jasper and Frank are very adept at making any event come alive.


Because no two events are alike, it’s impossible to give you a price right here. It’s vitally important that you get in touch with Fanshaw’s as soon as you think you’re interested in making a booking. Jasper or Frank are more than happy to discuss any aspect of their entertainment and have so far been able to accommodate even the most bizarre of requests – if you don’t ask, they can’t tell you if it’s possible or not.


Fanshaw’s is so convinced that it’s able to offer first class entertainment, that we’re delighted to provide a ‘full satisfaction or you don’t pay’ policy. If you’re not happy with the entertainment provided, you don’t pay, simple as that. However Fanshaw’s is delighted to say that nobody has asked for their money back yet!

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