Archie & Bert Underground Up The Smoke

Corporate, Entertainment, Victorian/Dickensian

Delighted to have had Fanshaw’s Fantastical Emporium of the Impossible booked by one of our London agents to provide entertainment at a very special event for… well we can’t really tell you it was Deloitte so we’ll just say “the world’s biggest accounting firm”. With the client company being founded in 1845, the choice of ‘Victorian theme’ was completely appropriate, as was the choice of venue; The Victorian Bath House in Bishopsgate. Fantastic place! A subterranean event space in the old, yes you got it, underground Victorian bath house.

Archibald Grottlington Esq. and Herbert Skittle (also Esq.) were on top(hat) form with their double-act mix and mingle close up magic and merciless humour.

Agent very happy. Client delighted. Nice to be up The Smoke again!