London Bound!

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The Vienna Experiment

We are hugely excited to announce that our very own Jasper and Frank will be heading to London in October with their new show The Vienna Experiment (premiered locally in May under the title The Haunted, and presented by our associated label The Creepy Company). The show has now been officially billed as part of the London Horror Festival. This ‘theatrical happening’ is a masterfully magical fusion of creepy and comedy. Sixty minutes of quite different entertainment!

Billed for a matinee performance on Saturday 29th October (3pm) at The Old Red Lion theatre in Islington,  The Vienna Experiment may also be seen elsewhere on the Thursday and Friday prior; details will be released upon confirmation.

With our associates The Creepy Company we are very proud to have been offered this wonderful opportunity.

For more information about the London Festival of Horror 2016, visit the website here:

To go directly to The Vienna Experiment information and book tickets, visit here: