Into The Secret Cellar…

Cabaret, Entertainment, Halloween, Theatre, Victorian/Dickensian

The Vienna Experiment with Baron Gustav von Wraith and Doctor Franklin Fitzroy-Smogg IV

We are absolutely thrilled to be taking our two hander play The Vienna Experiment to London this week. From its origins as The Haunted, a two hour experimental foray into the theatrical application of magic and mystery fused with the exposure of paranormal fakery, written and performed by award winning international magicians – and members of The Magic Circle – Jasper Blakeley and Frank E Haschka in early 2016, The Vienna Experiment has developed and emerged as a one hour plot driven performance that takes its audience on a brilliantly funny, amazing and delightful thrill ride with Baron Gustav von Wraith, doctor of parapsychology, and Doctor Franklin Fitzroy-Smogg IV, the world’s leading authority on Otherly Realm Communications, in their exploration of the unexplained.

The Vienna Experiment proved a great success in October 2016 with sold out shows and five star ratings during the London Horror Festival, and we hope to bring similar success from our five day run of shows later this week. Although following in the footsteps of other great magicians, Jasper and Frank are proud to be the first magical double act to appear at the Secret Cellar venue, which is situated within the Vaulty Towers public house and events venue on Lower Marsh in London SE1; a superb venue for such goings on as The Vienna Experiment.

The shows begin on Wednesday the 27th of September with a performance at 19:30 and continue through to Sunday the 1st of October with performances at 18:00 on the subsequent days (except Sunday which is at 17:00). The age recommendation is 16 and over due to the nature and content of the show, and – unfortunately for this run – there is no wheelchair access; this really is in a cellar under a pub!

Tickets are available through the Secret Cellar website (