The Postal Express Is Coming To Town

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The Postal Express

It’s offical, the latest offering from SideShow Events is now available. Kept under wraps for the duration of ‘the build’, we are extremely proud to be able to offer, for the first time anywhere in the world…


Postmasters Stamp & Punch are officially at your service! 

Now all the children expecting presents on Christmas Eve from Father Christmas can double check with ‘The Postal Express’ that everything is in stock and ready to dispatch.

Punch And Stamp - The Postal ExpressThe process is simple: Postmaster Stamp will check off names on his clipboard along with presents that any child thinks he or she might be getting on Christmas Eve from Father Christmas. Each child will then be quizzed on their ‘Christmasyness’ and only then will Postmaster Stamp issue a magic telephone token to be handed over the counter at The Postal Express Checkpoint Booth.

Each child will then wait behind the magic red line before being beckoned to the booth by Postmaster Punch who will check the token handed to him before consulting his large magic ledger.

The large ledger contains all the presents that each child is hoping to receive. Postmaster Punch will use the magic token to call up the Elf Sorting Office at The North Pole on his telephone and will check for confirmation of the order; the whole call can be heard by everyone around the ticket booth! Once confirmed, Postmaster Punch will punch his ledger with a stamp and – having checked with the child on their pre-Christmas goodness plans – tick his ‘good’ column.

Our act listing for The Postal Express can be found here.